This butter helps to:

Produce elastin and fiber for plump skin
Stimulate cell regeneration
Regulate oil production
Soothe and prevent acne/ inflammation
Replenish dry patches, cracked and irritated skin
Reduce and delay fine lines and wrinkles 
Counteract sun damage
Heal skin infections, and inflammation caused by eczema and psoriasis with natural antimicrobial powers

How it works:
Aloe Vera is nature’s Botox. Avocado is packed full of nutrient rich oils. Shea butter is incredibly hydrating and nourishing. Can you imagine the results of this cream!! Skin heaven


Avocado and Aloe Cream

  • Massage into clean skin for 2-3 minutes. Wait at least ten minutes before applying any makeup. 
    Can be used overnight as an intensive overnight treatment


Buyer Name

Pot of joy!

My friend guided me to ZoeBee, I was suffering with a huge outbreak of spots. Nothing I was buying from the pharmacy seemed to be working.
Since using this cream, my face feels so much healthier and even if I say it myself.. looking pretty!
I’m now waiting on the lip balm to try and get my lips looking as fab as my skin!

Buyer Name

Intensely moisturising cream

This gorgeous rich cream is so intensely moisturising a little goes such a long way. I’ve been using this to rehydrate my skin at night and I wake up with fresh healthy looking skin. The natural ingredients make this a lovely product to use without fear of a breakout or adverse reaction. The eco friendly packaging is a massive plus point in my book too. Love it!

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