This cream helps to:
Heal Eczema
Heal Psoriasis 
Soften Dry Skin
Reduce Eye Bags
Reduce Under Eye Darkness
Firm Skin
Brighten Skin 


How it works:
Unlike other formulas, this eye cream doesn’t contain any water. While water based creams make your skin feel moisturized at first, they end up drying out the delicate under eye area. 

Darkness under eyes is also a common problem. The skin itself is not darker, it has gotten thinner (due to aging, environmental factors, lack of sleep, etc) and the tiny blood vessels underneath are now visible. The caffeine in the coffee and walnut cream will constrict the blood vessels until they are less visible. Your face will glow and thrive. 


Coffee and Walnut Cream

  • Apply to affected area twice a day. Massage into skin well. Perfect for under eyes and face. A little goes a long way with these creams! A pea sized amount at a time is plenty.


Buyer Name

A tiny bit goes a long way

This cream is wonderful as an under eye cream. I apply this every night to reduce puffiness and dark circles. The tiniest amount goes such a long way and it smells divine! Natural ingredients and eco friendly packaging makes this a total winner for me. I’ve also bought a charcoal and oatmeal cream for someone who suffers from psoriasis as it comes so highly recommended in reviews.

Buyer Name

Perfect for cold weather protection

Absolutely love this coffee and walnut cream!
Having an outdoor job my skin is normally starting to get red, sore and dry this time of year from the cold and wet. I have been lathering up with the coffee and walnut cream on a morning and my skin has still felt lovely and soft when I get home. Matched up with alternate oil cleansing or coffee scrub on an evening and the aloe and avocado or amethyst before bed my skin has never felt or looked healthier. Bring on the cold weather.....I am ready for you!!

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