Spoilt for choice? Don't know which cream to try first?

Why not try a few! 

Find your favourite out of the entire Zoe Bee Beauty range with the Mini Jars.


With prices for the Mini Jars starting at just £7 for the Coffee and Clay Scrub, rising to £15 for powerhouses like the Rose and Amethyst Quartz Cream, the Mini Jars are a great way to introduce yourself or a friend to the Zoe Bee Beauty range.


Mini Jars

  • Use each Mini Jar like you would the full size. A little goes a long way with these creams. A pea sized amount should be plenty.


Buyer Name

Skin saver!

I came across Zoe on instagram and since I’m a sucker for cute products and packaging I first bought the lip balm which I LOVE, I’m a lip balm addict and got through it like there’s no tomorrow. It’s so nice, rich and thick but not sticky and sinks right in, my lips are amazing.

Next I got myself (another lip balm) a mini jar of the veggie soufflé and the gold cream.
My skin was horrible, dry and scaly with sore patches and red cheeks. Within a few days of using veggie on a night and gold during the day my skin has almost completely transformed. At first the scaly bits came off like sunburn (nasty) but underneath actual, normal human skin!
I’ve also got the eyelash serum which I use every other night and I can actually see a difference in my lashes and brows - as in less hairs falling out.

Honestly would recommend this to anyone!

Buyer Name

Thank you....Thank you ....Thank you

I have been using my little jars of lovelyness for nearly four week now..... my morning routine is Coffee and Walnut Cream under my eyes, for my dark circles and Gold Cream all over the rest of my face for that 24 carat golden glow all day.....both are my Ant and Dec as they work so well together...
My nightime routine consists of Avacado and Aloe all over my face and neck so that I wake up radiant, as I am most definately not a morning person or should I say I wasn't a morning person but I now like the face that greets me in a morning.....
But my biggest amazement with your cream Zoe was my hubbys reaction last night , we have been together and for over 30 years and he has never been big on compliments BUT he said to me " I've been meaning to say for a few days now... but your face looks a lot better since you have been using those jars , it looks plumper and a better colour" So Zoe thank you...thank you...thank you . I went to sleep a very happy bunny x

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